The power of taking payments by credit card for your nanny share

It’s great that you can take payments so easily for your nanny share with Hapu. It’s frictionless, simple and ideal whether it’s taking payments from friends or new sharers you’ve found in your community.

But there’s much more here than meets the eye.

Why does Hapu require payment by credit card?

Because it’s not the only way you can accept payments whether cash or cashless.

For one in this increasingly cashless age we want to avoid the, “Oh, I don’t have the cash on me, can I get you next week?” which sometimes turns into next week or the week after.

Now of course you can set up your share taking payments with direct debit. It’s pretty simple and as long as the funds are there and there’s no stoppage put on payment then there shouldn’t be any issues.

Shouldn’t be any issues.

But what happens if someone puts a stop on payment through direct debit? Well we all know what happens. Nothing. There’s nothing you can do and there’s no recourse if that person owes you money.

Let’s say you’re weekly incoming for your nanny share is $450.

And due to a dispute or the inexplicable nature of human beings to be selfish and inconsiderate your sharer has informed you (or not!) that they’ll no longer be sharing with you.

And they put a stop on their direct debit to you.

Well, it’s likely that you’ll be up for that $450 as agreed payment to your nanny for the last week as usually direct debit is done in arrears. So, now your out that money and potentially next week as well unless you find a new sharer (where?) or because you simply can’t afford it you have to cancel your arrangement with your nanny.

And what is happening here? What is the power dynamic?

The person supplying childcare to the sharer and the receiver of funds has no power to enforce the receipt of said funds. They are completely dependent on the goodwill of the other party.

In Hapu’s thinking that just doesn’t make sense.

And we see the taking of payment by card shifts the power back where it belongs.

Ever tried getting out of a gym membership? Why is that so hard? Because they have your credit card on file and you’ve authorised them to take payments. While not as unconscionable as gym memberships there is s similar structure in Hapu’s model.

Our system makes it easy for you to get set up to take payments by card by adding your bank account and verifying your identity. It takes about 2 minutes and from there your Hapu listing is like an Eftpos card reader. We see this as ideal for removing the awkwardness of taking payments but also for what taking card payments provides.

As an example let’s replay the above scenario but with Hapu.

Let’s say there’s a dispute and your sharer no longer wants to be a part of your share. Well firstly they can’t simply say goodbye and leave it at that. From their own management dashboard on Hapu they will need to give notice otherwise their payments to you will continue indefinitely.

So, they give notice and they immediately see a popup that provides the date of their last payment to you in two week time. Now if they are in no mood to continue to drop their little one at your place for the ensuing two weeks that’s fine. But in terms of payment they’ve made an agreement with you (and Hapu) and that there is two weeks notice protection for Hosts.

Now if you can resolve the issues between you both and continue for another two weeks no one is the lesser for it. Either way you are not out of pocket and you have a clear two weeks to find a new sharer right here on Hapu!