Hapu's Three Tribal Principles For Nanny Share

Hapu Principle 1.

Defined rules and protocol govern the actions of the group:

In this respect, Hapu has created key features to protect the group from the whim of the individual. In nanny-share the dependencies of families for care and for the carer, their income security, creates a fine balancing act that can be disrupted if one individual decides to rock the apple cart.

In order to adhere to this principle of rules and protocol, Hapu has created a nominal hierarchy in the Host as leader.

**Hapu Principle 2. **

Acknowledgement of the group beyond one’s own immediate needs:

This is the outcome of principle 1 where the individual, cognisant of the group’s governing foundation, adheres to the principles of the group prior to any disruption.

An example is late fee processing. Rather than a source of contention it is simply a self-inflicted penalty and the individual in acknowledging the principle ensures they are never late

**Hapu Principle 3. **

A seamless system of monetary contribution by all to fund the activity of the group:

This is ‘Koha’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koha_(custom) - a fluid system of giving money unburdened by awkwardness or anxiety. An excerpt for Wikipedia -

“The koha reflects the mana of both the giver and the recipient, reflecting what the giver is able to give, and the esteem they hold of the person or group they are making the gift to - and hence plays an important part in cementing good relations, and is taken very seriously.”

This principle in action is seen in Hapu’s automated sharing of payments where we’ve moved all transactions to the background (similar to Uber). Once joined to a share, participants need never talk (or argue about) money. There’s confidence and transparency to transactions via billing history and email receipts.

In building our product around these features we’ve created a modern application of age old principles for not only governing the actions of the group but also a framework that ensures the success of the group.