How You Can Turn A $315 NYE Nanny Cost Into $131 With Hapu


Step 1. You have a nanny booked

And you'd like to reduce your costs.

As it's NYE your nanny may charge between $35 or $45/h. This can really add up over 7-8hrs.

But not with Hapu.

We're going to show you how to offset that cost by a minimum 50% so that you're paying $22.50/h (we're going to use the higher figure of $45/h as an example).

But we're also going to show you how you can bring it down to $18.75/hr and even less.

Step 2. Talk to your nanny about increasing their pay

Yes that's right, you're going to reduce your costs by increasing your nanny's pay.

Say to a maximum $75/h (for looking after up to 4 children).

And let's suggest a mid rate of say $60/h for looking after 3 children.

And with your nanny's initial rate of $45/h, you might ultimately agree on $45/h (2 children), $60/h (3 children) and $75/h (4 children).

Step 3. Create your nanny share

Go to and click 'Create A Nanny Share'.

Step 4. Type of nanny share

Select 'Casual Nanny Share' as below as it's just for the night.


Step 5. Enter your nanny's rates as agreed

Select 'Scaling rate to reduce costs'. Here's where you'll enter those hourly rates. You can see how they convert to a cost per child.


Converting rates to a cost per child is to make it easy for your friends to join and claim their place with you.

Case in point - Carol has 1 child and James has 2. They can both access your nanny share and determine their costs for the night wihout you having to answer one question on costs.


Step 6. Set the hours for the night

Set the times you're booking your nanny for. It's important to be accurate, not only for your nanny's sake. Hapu calculates the cost per child against the hours you enter to set the final price. Here we're calculating 7 hours.


Step 7. Set the day as Monday

Select 'M' for Monday as NYE falls on a Monday this year. Here we're essentially calculating 1 day into the cost structure. Hapu's DAYS section is usually to determine long term care and so the selection of multiple days works in that scenario. It works here too with a little explanation from us :)


Step 8. Set the available places

Tell your friends how many places you have from a maximum of 4. If you have 1 child you have 3 open places you can fill - 2 children, 2 places and so on.


With that as the last calculation step you'll end up with a page that looks like this.


You can preview how the costs share depending on the number children and so on.

You'll see that the first offset you would make (if you have 1 child) is to share the intital $45/h.

Step 9. Your address

You know where you live right? Enter your address as the last step.


Step 10. Bank & ID verification (you only need to do this once)

You'll need to enter your bank account and upload a photo ID. Just this once. Your bank is so your friends can pay by credit card, there's no messy cash or promises to pay on Hapu. And your ID is to comply with Australian government regulations against dodgy people. Your financial information is encrypted, stored and protected on our payment provider, Stripe's*, secure servers.


Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1 (the highest level of certification).

Step 11. Success!

You've completed your nanny share. And despite the steps we've listed (we dragged it out a little) it generally takes 5 minutes to complete. And much less the second time round when you've already completed the bank and ID step (you only have to do that once in your lifetime of Hapu use).


Step 12. Make your share Private

At bottom right you can toggle on and off to make your nanny share public or private. Your nanny share is public by default and will appear on the Hapu map under 'Browse Shares'.

As this is a one night thing toggle to Private to keep it between friends.


Step 13. Spread the word!

Click on 'Facebook' share as below and Hapu packages up your share and presents it to your friends. In glorious black and white is your days, times, hourly rate and a direct link through to pay.


The most popular one at the dance

Hapu takes the hassle out of taking questions (the same ones, when, how much) and payments. The only way for your friends to definitively take advantage of this reduced rate is to click the link and pay by credit card, it's not up to you to endlessly field questions and hope everyone's good for the money.


First in, best dressed

You've done the work of booking your nanny and setting up your nanny share to save costs. It's time to let your friends do the hustling. You just need to look out for the Hapu receipt emails and enjoy the night!


And knowing you've received funds from your friends you're free to pay your nanny the total of $525 for the night (if you filled the full 4 places of course).

A great night's pay for your nanny and a great deal of savings for you and your friends. Not a bad way to start the new year!