Hapu is a new way for nannies to increase their income and control over their professional life

Increasing your income and control goes hand in hand with Hapu. We don't see one viable without the other. And when it comes to a new platform for nanny-share these two features were foremost in our mind.

We all know the concept of nanny-share.

We all know also that it can be burden rather than a boon for the nanny.

More work. Families that act in their own best interests before yours. And with no real platform for host families, nannies and sharers to connect, the whole thing is way too hard.

Not to mention multiple payments from multiple families and the potential for friction, under payment and all round general hassle.

Until now.

Introducing Hapu

Hapu has built a new platform for nannies to partner with host families to create and manage a nanny-share. Local parents can easily find your nanny share, join you and pay.

Our system is designed to not only give you the tools to maximise your income but to do so from a position of control.

How do we do this?

Locking in your rates

When you set your rates on Hapu they're locked in. Your rates aren't just text on a page. They form the backbone of your nanny share and are the first interaction a potential sharer has with you as they determine costs for their family. Your listing answers all monetary questions so you don't have to. No haggling, no negotiation.


And when you've approved a sharer they simply select their place or places and pay. Simple.

Putting your best rate forward

On Hapu, if you increase your maximum hourly rate to $40/hr parents browsing Hapu see $10/hr because Hapu always auto calculates and presents the shared rate.

  • $10/hr shows for $40/hr (shared 4 ways)
  • $11/hr shows for $33/hr (shared 3 ways)
  • $12.50/hr shows for $25/hr (shared 2 ways)


You can enter whatever rates you like or enter a flat day rate, the above is just an example - see more about sclaing rates here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWT012L5VCA

Always showing the optimal shared rate can be a powerful tool for showcasing your share. And it simplifies the interaction around costs and payments.

And who's going to start haggling with your or negotiating you down when the rate is so attractive in the first place.

First in, best dressed

Hapu was at the Australian Nanny Association Convention recently and one nanny we spoke to hit the nail on the head when we explained how sharers join your nanny share.

"It's like - first in, best dressed!"

How so, I hear you ask?


Think of a Hapu nanny-share listing as your shop front.

Hapu brings foot traffic your listing by our network, members and advertising (at no cost to you by the way).

Your rates are your product prices. Your available places, your stock.

Now, because we're putting your share in front of many more people you'll have more interactions with families wanting to join. We want to make that interaction as easy as possible. And we believe we've done so by formalising the pricing structure. It's so as sharers come to your share the monetary discussion is handled by your share rather than haggling or negotiation.

The power of a daycare centre

As we've said, we want to put you in a position of control because we see it as integral for your buy in to the idea of Hapu.

An important point to make then is that when a parent pays you through Hapu you're not just simply collecting a payment.

When Hapu empowers you to accept credit card payments* the capture of the card in our system and your listing gives you new options beyond direct debit or cash.


How so?

Recurring payments are simple. A sharer claims their place after meeting you and the host family and you approving them. They pay for their place on Hapu and the agreed upon amount is debited every week until cancelled.

But with Hapu's two weeks notice when cancelled the agreed upon amount continues for an additional two weeks. This gives you time to find a new sharer but also gives you a level of certainty in your income you may not have had before.

And because time is money Hapu also facilitates late fee processing.

You can click the process late fee button on any Sharer who's joined you to instantly charge a $10 fee (you determine the intervals to which that applies). The sharer receives an email receipt (as they do for other payments) and in addition we restate Hapu's late fee policy.

It's an example of how we support your work and empower you with new options and tools to formalise and control your work life beyond the very casual nature of nannying.

I should point out that if you have a cash arrangement with an existing family you can continue that by entering the host parent's bank account in your set up.

A new formal approach to in-home childcare

Hapu's goal is to bring higher visibility and formality to your role in the childcare market. Thereby opening up desperately needed places for parents that are often doing it tough in their search for quality, affordable childcare.

We want to increase your value and position in the market and see great things possible in doing so for all nannies and families across Australia.

We hope you see this too and take the first step in this journey with us by talking with the families you work for and letting them know how they can reduce their own costs while increasing your income.

For more visit our website on www.hapu.com.au and click 'Create A Nanny Share' to explore how Hapu works.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Ben Edward Manu Marr
Founder & CEO